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Σαν τζατζίκι – Alternative to Greek Tzatziki Salad

Jake made his amazing mayonnaise. After I tried it I was so impressed! The only egg-less gluten-free mayonnaise we like, we found at Bamboo Vegan, a store in Athens. Living three hours away from Athens, being as broke as we are, we can’t really travel there all the time to buy more of it. So why not spend a bit more time in the kitchen to make your very own mayo?

As I was enjoying the mayo with potato chips, I saw the fresh dill I had just chopped.

A few years ago I couldn’t cook for the life of me. I understood that good cooks have a kind of sixth sense, keeping inside them how each ingredient makes them feel and are able, at any moment, to make genius connections!

What I didn’t know was that good cooks get born by loving food and wanting to create their favorite flavors!

Back to the tzatziki. I saw the dill and I thought: “I want it in the mayo“! I mixed them well together and the flavor reminded me so much of Greek tzatziki that I had to share the idea!

So, in Jake’s mayo add some freshly chopped dill and enjoy a wonderful dip!